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The wilderness areas of Paistunturi and Muotkatunturi on the eastern side of Karigasniemi offer a wide range of hiking opportunities.

The Kevo Nature Reserve that cuts through the Paistunturi wilderness area mostly comprises mountainous birch forest and heathland, where the natural rugged beauty of Lapland is at its most striking. The water volume in the River Kevo that runs through the nature reserve is not particularly great, but the river canyon is one of the most impressive geological formations in Finland. The steep walls of the canyons rise to more than 50 metres in some places.

The 63 km-long hiking trail crosses the nature reserve, following the canyon from Sulaoja to Kenesjärvi. In some places, the trail runs along the bottom of the canyon, occosionally rising to the highland above. If you take this trail, you will wade across the River Kevo that runs along the canyon floor three times. Every year, more than 16,000 hikers hit the trails in the Utsjoki-Kevo area. Ask us for ideas for shorter one-day hikes too!

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