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You can rent a motorboat from Hotel Hansabar for good old-fashioned salmon fishing. The River Inari is also great for fly-fishing in a wilderness environment. Fishermen (and women) can use both the Finnish and Norwegian banks of the river. In this case, the fishing management fee (kalastonhoitomaksu) must be paid both Finland and Norway (fiskeravgift).

The Fishing Regulation for the River Teno provides that fishing is allowed for non-locals only during the period from 1 June to 20 August. The regulation applies to fishing with a rod and lure either from a boat or from the riverbanks of the Teno and Inari. Everyone who wishes to fish in this area, including from a boat, needs a fishing licence. A weekly close season starts at 7 p.m. on Sunday and ends at 7 p.m. on Monday. Before going fishing, fishermen need to disinfect their fishing gear at a disinfection facility. Fishing licences and a disinfection certificate can be obtained from us or from other licence sellers for the River Teno.

The mountainous wilderness in the area is loved by hikers who also enjoy fishing. The clear mountain rivers are home to trout, grayling, lavaret and Arctic char. No licence is needed for angling or jigging in the wilderness areas, but these activities are not allowed in designated fish management areas. For fishing other that angling and jigging, fishermen of 18-64 years of age must pay a fishing management fee and buy a fishing licence.

You can find more information about fishing licences and licence sellers on the tourism pages of the Utsjoki municipality website at www.saamivillage.fi  or at www.tenojoki.fi.